Varifocals are truly life-changing for some people.

Are you having increasing difficulty focusing at close range?
Without treatment, you may become prone to eye fatigue and headaches. Varifocals could be the solution.

Varifocals - Explaining the different parts of a varifocal lens

What are varifocals?

Varifocals, also known as progressive lenses, make life easier by helping you to see at all distances, without having to strain or change your glasses. With varifocals, you can switch between long, intermediate and close range easily.

The top section of the lens gives you clear distance vision and as you look down through the lens it gradually increases in strength to reading vision at the bottom. They are perfect for driving and using the satnav for example, when your eyes need to be working on several tasks at different distances, at the same time.

They are also much more cosmetically attractive as you can’t see the change between distances. 

How do I choose varifocals?

Not all frames are suitable for these lenses. Taking extremely accurate measurements once you have chosen your frame is essential, ensuring perfect vision. We are experts at this.

Varifocal lenses vary in design, depending on your needs. Some lenses are better for distance and have smaller reading areas, others are great for computer work and the best ones are sharp at all distances. The great thing about varifocals is that they can be designed to work best for you. We are experts in making varifocals exactly for your needs. We can also get the lenses as thin as possible for you.

You can also get varifocal lenses in your sunglasses and even your contact lenses!

What if I don't like varifocals?

Varifocals sometimes take a few weeks to adjust to but the majority of people usually adapt quite quickly.


We would be happy to explain varifocals in more detail, just ask! If you’re looking for varifocals in the Felixstowe area, we’d be happy to help you!

Varifocals - image of a woman wearing gold frame glasses