About Us at Scarborows Opticians

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We are an independent, local and community-focused opticians established in 1904 in Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11. In 2022, we needed more space and moved from Orwell Road to 163 Hamilton Road. Our new premises are not only more spacious but we now have a dedicated audiology (hearing) test room.

It is our mission to provide thorough eye examinations tailored to your own personal needs using modern equipment in a relaxed and warm environment. We use an Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT), which is a high-tech piece of equipment to scan your eyes. It then compares the images to a similar reference group of people to detect abnormalities, as well as comparing the images to future visits to detect any changes. OCT technology can detect eye conditions up to five years earlier than previously possible. It also detects changes before symptoms appear.

When it comes to our frames and lenses, our focus is on quality and we have a fabulous selection to suit the community from budget to high fashion. We sell a wide range of contact lenses.

We offer children’s eyecare.

We have specialist interests in Visual Stress (Irlen syndrome) management and supply Vista-Mesh lenses.

We also specialise in the management of Dry eye.

We offer free hearing assessments, as well as ear wax removal, tinnitus consultation, hearing protection and hearing aids.

Between us, we have more than 100 years experience in optics and are well-equipped to help you with your eyecare and eyewear needs.


If you’re looking for a friendly and professional optician, please give us a call.